Evie Fit Lifestyle Vault

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When you purchase the EvieFit Lifestyle Vault Complete Collection, you will receive all of the following e-books, delivered right to your inbox:

  • Nutrition Principles: Part 1
  • Nutrition Principles: Part 2
  • Advanced Diet Protocols: Part 1
  • Advanced Diet Protocols: Part 2
  • Personalised Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Nutrition For Athletes / Sports Nutrition
  • The Truth About Supplements

Let’s face it, hiring a nutrition coach can be a costly expense and something not everyone will be able to budget for. This is why I have designed this comprehensive e-book series – to help you attain the information and knowledge you need to support you in your journey to better health, whilst gaining sufficient knowledge in the area of nutrition! Become your very own health & wellness coach in no time with an abundance of science based information, education and knowledge to support you in understanding nutrition on a deeper level. Say goodbye to the myths, food-labelling, restrictions and fads forever!